Friday, January 4, 2008

2008 Resolutions and Goals

It's that time of year again....coming up with resolutions to improve our lives.
The main thing on my list is to SIMPLIFY my life. I think from there, everything else will fall into place.

SIMPLIFY my scrap shopping--I don't need everything out in the market, nor can we afford it!
SIMPLIFY my list of things to do--less is more..and that means more time with my family.
SIMPLIFY our daily tasks--this also leads to PROCRASTINATION! I am so bad about doing stuff right away. Later..later..later...I always tell myself. I end up not doing it at all because I forget, then I have 10 things to do. If I do it right away, it usually ends up taking a few seconds of time, but if I waited until would have taken much longer!
SIMPLIFY our household--purge, purge, and purge! We have too many toys that never get used, too many clothes that don't fit the kids, just too much of everything. This also leads to ORGANIZATION. Once the purge happens, we can try to organize our house to fit the way we live. Our home is pretty tiny for a family of 5, but once it's organized, hopefully we can have space to enjoy being inside (esp during this crazy storm we are having!).
I also have some goals for this year...

Keep up with my Blessing journal--I'll post that later...
Keep up with a daily journaling so I know what happens during our day to day life
Keep in touch with family and friends...send birthday cards, thinking of you cards, or even just a note to say HI! Funny...I teach card making classes at the LSS, and I don't even really send out cards! oops!

And by doing all of these, I'm hoping that some of it will instill in my kids. I want them to know the importance of people in our lives, to be thankful for what we do have, and not to complain--but to figure things out and improve. the other night, I couldn't sleep. Maybe because I was thinking of all these things, maybe because Joey was crazy restless, or maybe it was because I drank a cup of coffee too late in the evening. So I was staring at Joey as he was restless, I was hesitant to pick him up right away hoping that he could figure things out. It was the cutest site...he found the PERFECT SPOT....
BTW....I used a cool program my friend Heather told us about to alter this picture and the New Year's picture in the previous post. It's called Picnik:
My favorite effect is called: Cross Process. It gives a kind of orangish tint, kinda of antique look. The program is used on the internet, so you don't have to download the program on your computer. I started out playing with it for free, but the grace period ended. I think I paid about $25 for a's totally worth it to me!
Happy Friday everyone!!


Angela L. said...

I just love your resolutions girl especially the one about purging clothes..... I am SO guilty of having stacks of clothes sitting around that my son hasn't been able to fit into for years... and I'm sick of tripping over them yet can't seem to get myself in gear to get rid of them...... just total nonsense, I tell ya, lol!!! So maybe we can push each other to get the purging accomplished ;) Wishes for a wonderful 2008 for you and your family!

BethieJ said...

EM! yeah you have a blog! I have it bookmarked!! :)
and reading your goals, I thought dang those are all mine! GUILTY of buying to much, saving to much, and needing to PURG! it must go! It MUST! LOL!!!

Girl we made a button tree too! I LOVE yours too!!! :)

Wishing you and your sweet family the HAPPIEST of NEW YEARS!!!! and I am so GLAD your doing sketches still for peek!