Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Get to know your fellow blogger....

My friend, Jen, posted these question on her here are my answers. Post your own answers at your blog too and let me know where to find them! :)

#1- What is your favorite color? My favorite color is lime green, pink, and aqua.

#2- What is your favorite meal? I can always eat Prime Rib or Sushi...Yummy!

#3- What is your latest scrapbook project/page? I just created a layout and sketch for Peek.

#4- Do you have a pet or pets? No..unless you can count 3monkeys!

#5- What is a funny thing that happend to you in the last month? Something that happened to me? ...hmmm....brought my big 'ol granny bag to a CLUB! LOL!

#5- Do you wear lipstick or lipgloss? Yes, lipstick from MAC. The shade changes, but it's usually a dark red/brown color.

#6- What is your least favorite room in your house? The kids' bathroom, it's always gross!

#7- Preference- plaid or stripes? Definitely stripes!

I can't wait to see your responses. Make sure you leave a comment when you do yours so I can check your blog out!

1 comment:

Just Jen said...

Love your answers Em! I love the granny bag comment, lol!!! And I love lime green too...might be why my blog is named what it is, lol.