Sunday, April 27, 2008

Busy Weekend.....

This was a busy and HOT weekend. Just days ago, we were getting rain and wind and 40 degree weather. Today we were in Dublin and it was a steamin' 90 degrees!! Good thing we were indoors with nice cool AC :)

Let's see, Friday after work I begged Heintje to let me have a day of scrapping. There were 2 online crops going on and I wanted to take part in them. I'm usually hosting challenges and posting threads and stuff, but this time, I wanted to scrap and do the challenges and even try to win some RAKs..LOL! The 2 places that held online crops were: Coordinates Collections and The Scrapping Edge. I got 7 layouts complete and I'll post them at the end of this thread.

Saturday morning, Jordan was supposed to go to a Track Meet, but he's been coughing and his allergies have gotten to him, so we let him rest in the AM. That night we went to the school for Family Fun Day. In the past, it has been a Gala for adults with drinking and casino...oh how I missed the roulette table this year..LOL. But this year, it was all about the family and BBQ dinner and even a movie for the kids. I was feeling a bit empty as my daughter, my sidekick, my never leaving my side adpendage, was not with me most of the night. She has transformed into a big girl. She went off with Kuya and his friends and watched a movie. I didn't know what to do with myself for almost 2 hours. She let go, I guess I should start letting go, too...LOL. With the help of a couple of friends giving him some tickets, Jordan came home with a new fish. All night he kept thinking about his old fish from his friend Matthew. So we promised to buy some fish food the next day.

Sunday we went to church in the AM. And Jasmin almost got lost. It was such a scary thing for both Jasmin and me!! We saw a couple of friends after church and wanted to hold their twin babies, so so cute! Then Jasmin must have kept walking and wandered off. I noticed she was no where near us and I kept looking for her. Oh man, it was awful to see her her darting from place to place screaming my name. I was yelling for her, but I couldn't run too fast--I was in heels and carrying someone else's 6month old kid! She finally heard me and came running over. I can't even imagine what must have been going on in her head. I was so scared to not instantly find her, then when I saw her just broke my heart :( I pray that something like that NEVER happens again. Thank GOD we were somewhat enclosed on chruch grounds. But what if it was at the mall or somewhere....OMG! .....Actually Jordan has gotten lost TWICE in his short 8 year life, both at very very public places. But that's a story for next time....

After church we headed over to Walmart to buy more fish and fish food. We got home and got the little tank together. Then we headed for the airport. Ate Monette and her family were coming here from the Philippines. She is the last of Auntie Elon's children to come to the States. It has been over 14 years since I last saw her and she still looks the same! haha! After the airport we headed over to Dublin and tht 90 degree weather. We hung out for quite sometime then finally headed home.

Unfortunately when we got home, 2 of the fish were dead and the other 2 died shortly after. It was a cry fest for Jordan, but after some prayer and consoling, I think he'll be okay. I have no idea why they died. Maybe we are just not meant to have fish...LOL! Jordan does have his heart set on a day!

Okay...have you gotten this far? for the layouts :) The first 4 layouts are for The Scrapping Edge, then the last 3 are from Coordinates Collection.

The challenge for this layout was to cut out images from patterned paper and use pop dots for a 3D effect. I'm not too keen on this layout, but it's done. My cheesy smiling kids...esp #3! LOL!

This layout required 3 sheets of PP, 2 journaling blocks and a chipboard tree. I didn't have any chipboard trees, so I hand cut this one. I used Ranger Crackle for the leaves portion and Chalk Ink for the trunk. I am pretty pleased how it turned out.

This layout was about using recycled items. I love using SB packaging because it's pretty and it should already be acid free, etc, since it comes in contact with the actual SB product. Either way, it's economical and helps keep things out of the trash and into the landfills.

This layout requred the use of die cuts. So I went to town on the die cuts. I LOVE this picture of Heintje and I. It was taken at Napa Outlets just after I bought my new sunglasses. I haven't bought a pair since like 10 years or so! LOL!

Here are the last 3 layouts from the Coordinates Collection crop.
This layout was based on an AD. Totally looks different, but I was inspired by the florals and the color. I got the layout title idea from Sherry Wright. She used the same title with similar pictures. Joey is such a nut. One time he was doing this and he actually tumbled over! Silly baby!!

This layout is about your favorite room in the house. Can you guess what I picked..LOL! You can read all about in the previous post.

And finally, this layout required the use of Teresa Collins products. She sponsored the crop, so one of the challenges wanted us to use it for the majority of the layout. Love her goodies and I'm totally looking forward to her Travel line coming out in May!

So there you have it.....our crazy weekend...lots of laughing and crying and 90 degree weather and lots of layouts..haha!


terri k said...

What a rough day for Jordan! Hope his week goes better!

Love your layouts! Very pretty!

It was 97 degrees down here yesterday! A record high! And it's only April.

Lisa said...

Love the layouts!

Glad you found Jordan! How scary.

Anonymous said...

Your work is so fun! Thanks for sharing all your inspiration with all of us. How is Jordan feeling now?

Teresa Loop said...

Love your layouts!!!

Bless your little dude's heart - sorry about his fish!