Thursday, June 12, 2008

Our June (so far) in review....

Hello blogging world!! I am ashamed that it's been 2 weeks since my last post. Life has really gotten the best of me...not to mention the Scrapvivor action on Willow Traders (but that will be in another post)! The first 2 weeks of June has been crazy busy....never-ending, I guess. But I'm happy to say that hopefully starting today, it will calm down a bit. Today was Jordan's last day of school, so no more dropping off/picking up and no more homework!! YIPPEE..I don't know who's more excited, he is or me? But I have printed out a bunch of work sheets for both of them to do during the summer....Mommy's Homework I decided to call it. LOL. You can print them out here...Printable worksheets. Just find the grade you are looking for on the left hand side. Jasmin LOVES them, but Jordan..not so much.. Sorry, dude! But we need to keep you off the streets!

I want to share with you guys some pictures. Tomorrow (hopefully) I'll post some layouts. Believe me, I have TONS of them. I've been a scrapping maniac. Between the Paper Posies month long anniversy and online crop finale to Scrapvivor, I have about 50 new layouts!! WOWZERS! I'm almost done with the Egypt part of our trip. I've finished Baker Beach. Now I want to print out Lake Tahoe pictures. But there are still tons more events that have JUST happend...just like what you will be seeing now...LOL! Be prepared...this is going to be a LONG post!!

First up, I want to say...CONGRATULATIONS to my sweet Jassy Belle!! She graduated Preschool last week. She will be a big Kindergarten girl next year!! Today she even lined up with some of her classmates at her "new" school. She is super excited, but very nervous at the same time. I am soo proud of you, babe!!
Now I'm going to back track to Memorial Day weekend. Ate Grace and the kids drove up Friday night. Then we received the dreaded call around 11pm that they were in an accident. Thank GOD they were all right, but I didn't want them driving after that, esp on 152--that road is crazy and dark and winding and the ghost bride might decide to show up. So H and I trekked over there to pick them up. We didn't get home until almost 3am, so we just lounged around Saturday.

Sunday we decided to go to Great America. It was Joey's first time. At first he was freaked out because RIGHT when we got there, everyone except for J2, J3, and me went on a splashing boat ride. Well, I thought I'd be smart and be on the very edge where the water would splash. I thought we'd get wet a little, but not major. Well, I was completely WRONG!! We were soaked--even my baby camera. Joey FREAKED out. From that moment for about 30 minutes he would get startled for every noise from the roller coasters. Poor guy, Mommy traumatized him. But after that, he was on a rampage and roamed around EVERYWHERE! We only stayed for about 5 hours, but that was quite enough time for us. We didn't want to stay until 10pm for the fireworks and decided to hit Boomerang Bay next time. We got Season Passes, so this will be our summer getaways this year.
Okay, next up is Ate Monette and family. Well, after 6 weeks, they went home and back to reality :( It was really nice having them here, esp because of all the fun activites we did..haha!! So last week we had one last dinner at Kuya Rino's house. And Sunday we saw them off at the airport. Yes, even at the airport muliple cameras were flashing everywhere!! Esp from Jassy..LOL!

Right after the airport we went to Fiesta Filipino in San Francisco. It was the first festival of any kind that my parents have been to. They had a blast...freebies from Safeway and different games from various Filipino channels. And the food...the yummy yummy food!! Kuya and Tina were there as well as Tina's brothers. Cousin and Mikey were there, too. Then the kids rode a couple of rides and played at the playground. On the ride home, within minutes of getting in the car, the kids were, too! I don't even remember seeing the Bay Bridge!! Poor Heintje!

And FINALLY.....the last thing that has been sucking up all our time, our pool!! For the past few weeks Hman has been trying to get it ready for the summer. Adding this chemical, that chemical, changing the tubes on the vacuum, etc. Finally he decided to drain the pool and start over. As he was draining the pool, he found out the vacuum was broken. There was a hole on the Kreepy Krauly and so it wasn't cleaning it well. Last night we finally got the pool filled again and we have the proper ph levels. So, now we just need the 100degree weather...LOL. But I bet the kids would swim in it regardless.
So, are you still reading? Sorry...but I warned you it was a long post. This is why I've been busy, neglecting my poor blog. Well....just get ready for a bunch of layouts headed your way!! THANKS so much!!!!!


Laurie said...

Girl! You have been busy! I got tired just reading all the stuff you got going on! Can't wait to see all the scrapping you've been doing! Congratulations to your little princess!!! I can't believe how big she is now! So beautiful!

Heather said...

OMG....I totally forgot about the Ghost Bride!!!!