Tuesday, October 14, 2008

WT Scrapvivor #6 and Petra, Jordan

You guys think I'm a scrapper fanatic..LOL!!, but remember, these are OLD layouts...since June. Just haven't had a chance to upload them. On the contrary, I hardly scrap now. The days of daily scrapping has come to an end, hopefully it's just a phase. I'm lucky to get a layout a week, let alone a day! But life has it's priorities. Unfortunately, scrapping isn't at the top anymore. Anyway, I still want to get these layouts on here, esp because there are some from the Holy Land trip. Yes, I'm chugging along with those..haha!!

Willow Traders challenge #6 was to use quote, definitions, etc. It was a great way to use up some of those old school Making Memories definitions I had laying around. I also created a bunch of layouts for my Mom's album. Those are the 8 1/2 x 11 layouts. And some layouts were double dipped with other challenges...LOL! THANKS so much for peeking :)

Let's start off with a set of cards. I used printed cards from Die Cuts with a View and just simply embellished them with Making Memories definitions and other goodies.

This photo was taken last March when we went to So Cal for Jazmin's baptism. After the festivities we hung out at Hollywood City Walk. This is for Mom's album.

More layouts for Mom, I'm sure she wants a photo of her favorite daughter, too, not just the grandkids...haha!

Here are a couple of non-trip layouts. The first one with Jasmin was taken when we went to the Disney Princess on Ice in March with my Forever Friend, Kim and her daughter Isabelle. They both dressed like Princesses...and both were Sleeping Beauty! Great princess minds think alike!This layout was also used as a challenge for Homegrown Scrapbooks Summer Stash Buster.

And here is our silly boy Joey!! He loves to feed himself and it gets ALL OVER! I guess only a mother would love a face like that..haha! But that doesn't mean I have to kiss him! This was based on a sketch challenge at Homegrown Scrapbooks by Audrey Tan.

Now here are some layouts from the Petra leg of our Holy Land trip. Man, that place was amazing!! Heintje and I took a carriage ride since we had the kidlets with us. From the entrance to the Treasury, it was about 2 miles. I wasn't sure the kids would make it and Heintje and I DID NOT want to end up carrying them...LOL! As we went through the narrow passage, our driver told us to close our eyes. Then the horse slowly galloped through the opening. It was so dramatic and beautiful! What a feeling to be right there, right in front of one of the New 7 Wonders of the World.

It was also cousin's and Mikee's 7th anniversary! Congrats to you two!!!

And some lovey dovey pictures of Heintje and I. Jasmin took the photo where I was sitting on Heintje. She kept calling me a baby since I was sitting on his lap! haha!

Finally, our ride to Amman, Jordan. I don't have photos, but when we arrived at the Hotel, there was a wedding going on. It was really neat to see an actual wedding celebration in another county and see it's rituals. They whole party came to the Hotel complete with the band playing. We thought it was a parade, but the music was getting louder. Then we went downstairs to see so many people. The bride and groom went up their room and the crowd dwindled. Congrats to the happy couple!! We had a great room at the Arena Space Hotel. There was a front room, like a living room, then the bedroom. Jordan thought it was especially cool because we were in JORDAN and to him it was the BEST hotel of our trip! What a silly!

Finally, I'll end with a sketch. This was for a challenge I hosted at ScrappersXchange. This layout is also going to my Mom's album.

Thanks so much for taking a peek!! I only have a couple more challenges from Willow Traders's Scrapvivor. I guess that means I better scan the layouts I created during the Bay Area Scrapper's Anniversary crop. And I better get other layouts going...haha! Time...where can get more?


erin said...

wow! you used to be able to scrap every day! oh, if i had the time and energy!!! i would love to get there:)
great layouts, em! i'm amazed at how fresh you keep it all, and your ability to get multiple photos on there girl. you GO!

Melanie Stanczyk said...

Hey Em, Just wanted to thank you for stopping and commeting on my most boring blog! Yours is much more interesting!

Can't wait to the Fall edition of HG to start!

sarah said...

you have such great scrapping style! :)


cheerful cropper said...

sign me up for some more time! great los, em!!

BethieJ said...

EM! I LOVE the new stuff girl!! Your talent always amazes me!!!
I am giving you an I LOVE YOUR BLOG award!! :) It is posted on my blog with a link here!
Hope all is well!!

Jeanette said...

Awesome layouts!!! You've been tagged - check out my blog for details!