Tuesday, November 11, 2008

WT Scrapvivor #7 and Petra, Jordan

Haha!! FINALLY!! This is the last challenge of Scrapvivor you will see. I officially ended at #7 although I did a couple layouts for #8 and #9. This challenge was to use ribbon. Easy peasy, but I just ran out of time. I think this was during my birthday weekend...and well, I had other priorities..LOL!! THANKS soo much, Annette for hosting a wonderful challenge. I got so many layouts and cards DONE! I think I got in total about 40 cards and 80 layouts...in about 25 days! It sure put a dent in my STASH and helped me bust out the Holy Land Trip!!! YIPPEEE!!

Now, I haven't scrapped in so long. Most of the layouts you've been seeing are OLD stuff that I've been slacking on posting. Like these layouts were since June..haha! Hopefully I'll get back to scrapping soon. I am sooo in withdrawals! Take care everyone and thanks for visiting :)

Set of cards :)

Beware, the layouts are not fabulous and there are really no techniques or cool things about them. But they are DONE! Not only was I able to get the memories documented in the books, but I was able to relive our special trip as I remembered the good times (and BAD..haha)

Here is the group photo we took in front of the Treasury.

Sorry, the photos are horrible. I got them directly out of the camera and printed at Snapfish. I really don't like their quality, it's darker than I want, but when printing 1500 photos, I was not picky anymore..haha!

This page is pretty cool. It's interactive and able to hold a few more pictures than would normally fit. I didn't want to crop any of those top 4 photos, so I staggared them ON the page protector and taped the edges. So you can FLIP through the photos!! I also had Jordan journal on this page how he felt about the experience.

This page was from the next day. We passed the Israeli border easily with no problems so we were ahead of schedule. Our guide decided to take a little detour and show us the Sycamore tree where Zacchaus climbed and watched Jesus. This was extra exciting for Jordan since he just learned about him in school! And for him to actually visit the tree...WOW!! Later during the trip, he gave a sermon. It was so cute!! He told the whole story, we were so proud of him!!


erin said...

omgosh em, seriously you are the fastest scrapper in the wild wild west!!! go em go!

Michelle said...

girl how do you get so much scrapping done?awesome layouts!love that you travel so much i envy you wish i could travel like you do!

BethieJ said...

Em~ Your my HERO!! AWESOME you got so many LOs done in 25 days! I LOVE everything you shared, what a COOL idea putting the photos on top of the page protector! Hmm I may have to try that! What a AMAZING trip you had!!
Hope all is well with your sweet family!!!