Monday, February 23, 2009

Crop layouts

As promised, here are the crop layouts. I completed them last night adding some more finishing touches, a.k.a. embellies! I think I overdo it, but oh well, I love to just throw bunches and bunches on there! FUN stuff!

First off, I wanted to show you some pictures of the girls. BTW, I saved these from their blogs, THANKS, girls! heehee! Here is my buddy, Erin. Suzy always confused our names and calls me Erin and calls her Em. I guess it's fitting since we are a bit similar. Her older DD reminds me alot of Jasmin. We've been comparing notes and they have lots of similar traits...too scary! Even their school uniform looks the same! Her younger DD is similar to Joey. We both prayed about their speech for some time and now, thank you, God, it's improving dramatically!

And here are the OG4! I love these girls! We were the original G4--working our butts off on canvases until the wee early hours of the morning. I am so blessed to be a part of this group of woman who came together to share the same passion, but ended up sharing our love and support through the years. Suzy, Krista, and Michelle...I love you guys!

Finally, here are the layouts, check out the different size! I'm trying to find a way to make better use of space for the gazillions of layouts I have..haha! We tried out this new sushi restaurant in Fremont, Little Madfish. They had a grand opening special, half-price sushi between 3-5PM. After school, we rushed over to try them out and it was YUM! I think it even tasted better since we saved a bunch of money, too! haha! Here is our crazy daughter. Seriously, this girl cracks me up! She will just make crazy noises, crazy comments, and bust out laughing for no reason. Gotta love her exciting personality!

This layout features the boys! Jordan loves Joey so much....he always tries to hug and squeeze him. Sometimes it's a bit overwhelming for Joey..haha! They have a love/rough relationship. Mostly love, but also often times pretty rough. Is that a boy thing? That Joey dude can totally sock Jordan with his left hook. Just be careful, lil' dude....when you get older, Kuya will not hold back anymore! The rumble will be on...yikes! This layout was also based on a challenge from Willow Traders, using only 1 word as a title...Brothers.

Finally the last layout I created during the crop. There really are no flowers covering up the name of the school, but you, it's the internet. Gotta leave some names out :) This was taken last year when Jasmin had to interview for kindergarten. I was so nervous for her...I ended up crying not her! She was so brave and knew her ABC, counted up to 20, spelled and wrote her name, and named all the members of her family! We are so proud of her. I can't believe how much she has grown...wahhh!! This was also another challenge from Willow Traders, fussy cutting, a technique where you cut out images from patterned paper. The floral PP was a left over sheet from the Color Me Miki Jan Gretel kit. I love this Prima paper, it's beautiful and sparkly with glittered accents!

There you have it. I can't believe I was actually productive during the crop and hope to be able to attend another one soon. I finished up 3 layout using the Color Me Miki MARCH kit. You guys are going to love it! It's gorgeous, elegant and romantic..haha! Perfect kit to use while scrapping those Valentine photos. Here is a little sneak for you...


Rachel V. said...

Still rockin' the LO's girlfriend! You are amazing!!!

erin said...

hi em!
i just love your banner:) you'll have to show me how to do that one day.
great job on those layouts! and color me miki's kit is awesome!
hope to see you soon.

BethieJ said...

Em~ I LOVE the banner!! SOOO CUTE!! and of course I LOVE the layouts! You ROCK girly!!
Hope all is well with your SWEET family!!

Mia Castrillo said...

Great, great layouts! They give me lots of ideas! :D That kit looks yummy! :D

Krista Lund said...

yah! love the AHA crop recap! i gotta try lil madfish. it was good??

Melanie Stanczyk said...

Boy, what I wouldn't do to be the 5the person in that photo! LOL! You girls look like a fun bunch to be around.

Love the layouts (as always girl, you rock them!) The peek at Terri's kit looks cute! Can't wait to see it all.

sarah said...

first time at your blog, but love your layouts and your style.

will be back to read up more!


kat said...

great layouts as always!! Love your banner. Did you do it yourself? Hugs!


marking said...

Hi Em, Looks like lots of fun at PMP. Hope to visit Fremont in May and maybe catch some classes there.Love all your LOs.