Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Solvang/Santa Barbara pt.1

Hello everyone...happy February! I can't believe how much scrapping I've been doing. It's totally exciting and our poor household, it's been neglected! At least I'm almost done with the Solvang/Santa Barbara getaway. I only have 5 more layouts to create and I'm done...stick a fork in it..baby!

To help with the layouts, I joined a challenge at Willow Traders...use a kit! I've had this Polka Dot Whimsy (PDW) kit for a while. I bought it from a fellow Willow a few months ago. I really love PDW kits, the owner totally packs the embellies and lots of fun goodies! This is a partial kit, I've already created a layout shown in the previous post. And I took out all the other stuff that I did not want or had dups of. Here is the kit I started with for the challenge.

And these are the pages I created with it...5 pages! And I think I still had some left over pieces. You'll also see the alpha in upcoming posts. I used up MOST of the letters! Woohoo! Let's start with the first page of the album. We stayed at a time share in Solvang. Heintje and I passed by here once before-on the way home from LA. It was Jordan's first road trip to LA, he was a 17 months old at the time. The place still looks the same, haha!

The next day we spent the day at Santa Barbara. It was only about an hour away. Here is my silly girl. She just loves to pose! This is outside of Paseo Nuevo Mall in Santa Barbara. *please note, pages are not in chronological order*

Then we walked to the Santa Barbara Courthouse. We did not realize how far it was from the mall. But it was beautiful once we got there and we were able to see the whole city!

After the mall and courthouse, we headed back to the car. Unfortunately, it would not start! We had to call a tow truck and he tried to fix it with his portable battery jump start thing, but it wasn't charged enough to get us started. Thank goodness my brother was there with Tina's brother's car. We were able to start it, but we still needed to get the alternator replaced. We followed the guys to the shop and ate dinner while they were fixing it. What an adventure! While in the parking garage, the kids made the most of it and had a picnic in the back..LOL! But man oh man..it was HOT and the sun was directly facing us!

Finally, the last layout I created with the kit. This was taken at Santa Ynez Mission in Solvang. I guess it's spelled with both "Y" and "I". Oh well..LOL! It was perfect that there was a church close by that we can attend and at the same time, perfect for Jordan since he had a mission project for 4th grade! We used this picture for our Christmas card this year. It thought it was suitable, esp since they are all wearing greenish/red...haha! The first word in the journaling, "enjoying", was written by Jasmin..then she got lazy..LOL!

I've got a bunch more layouts for you..and they are all scanned and saved! I'll post again in a few days and let you digest this for now. I'm hoping to get the rest of the layouts done this week...WOOHOO! Finally...something is accomplished! Yes, I'm still working on Holy Land..and Lake Tahoe...and life....oh and that darn Hawaii trip we took back in 2004! LOL! Take care home skillets!


erin said...

hi girlie!
dude, seriously, where do you find the time? i'm going to try to get my scrap on tonight, while emi and i make some valentines:)
check out my little shoebox' blog
spread the word, it is a super fun rak!
hey- when are you going to disney?

Diana said...

You ROCK Em! Love your pages!! I have an uncle that lives in Santa Ynez....pretty place or so I've heard. OH, you need to stop by this weekend at Scrapbook Circle for our Chick flick online crop! Should be a lot of fun! :)

Kent said...

These are awesome layouts Em! My favs are the Solvang and Love! Is the pic of the kids in your profile new? It is so dang funny!