Friday, March 27, 2009


Where in the world have I been? Man oh man, I'm so sorry for keeping you all hanging. It's been one of those months and yes, it's been 1 month to the day since I've blogged. YIKES! But the good news, I have lots of layouts and stuff to share! I'll start you off slowly and show you a few cards I created. Totally used a bunch of scraps! I also cut out images from patterned paper and went wild with the pop dots. I've been using up a bunch of cards so my supply has been diminishing. I'm finally making more! (click on images to enlarge)

I'll post again tomorrow with some layout love! Thanks for hanging in there :)


erin said...

well, hello there miss em!
wondered what happened to you and blogland.
what awesome cards, reminds me, i should use my scraps more!!! i only have 2 12 x12 boxes, untouched. LOL.
happy friday!

BethieJ said...

Em!! How are you!! I LOVE the cards girly!! I am in total card mode too! Not sure why.. just going with it! HA HA!!
Hope all is well with your sweet family!!!
we are on spring break next week! going on a mystery trip.. will find out at the airport tuesday where we are going!! :)
Hope all is well!!

Diana said...

so good to "see" you back! :)