Friday, May 29, 2009

Color Me Miki--Webster's Pages Mini Book

Where in the world have I been...sorry, it seems like this is a constant in my life..LOL. I should not complain...a busy life is usually a blessed life, and God has certainly blessed us plenty!! Let me give a little recap of our week in the Magpoc household...

  • Thurs 5/21: Playdate and Room Parent Meeting
  • Fri 5/22: Another playdate/swimming/football/basketball; Heintje and a family friend (thanks Uncle Vu!) installing solar panels for our swimming pool. With all these boys at the house, Joey wants to be with them. That means I have to be outside, too...I'm not a fan of outside!
  • Sat 5/23: Continue with solar panels. That night went to a going away party for Jaime...have a great time in the Windy City..we are so proud of you!! Did not get home until almost 3am!! Wow, party animals..LOL!
  • Sun 5/24: Errands in the AM with Heintje. Get ready for BBQ the next day. Internet/landline at home craps out..UGH!
  • Mon 5/25: Happy Memorial Day. BBQ all day, ATT try to fix phone, NOPE! Heintje dropped the laptop (just bought in Nov) and the screen is shattered! No internet, no laptop! Thank GOD it was not Jordan...otherwise we would only have 2 children right now...LOL...
  • Tue 5/26: Field trip for Jordan's class
  • Wed 5/27: Registration for the kids at school; another BBQ dinner at the house
  • Thur 5/28: This has been too much for me!! I called in sick with a migraine. Heintje ran a bunch of errands with the elliptical!! Biggest Loser is ON :)
  • Today 5/29: Lunch and cleanup for Jordan's class.....I'm SOOO ready for the weekend!

Did you enjoy my little whine fest...sorry about that! Should have warned you :) Anyway...on to some fun stuff. It's almost June and I still haven't posted all of May's Color Me Miki goes!

Here is part 2 of the Webster's Pages kit from Color Me Miki. I created this mini book for Mother's Day. It is supposed to be an album about me and the kids. But then I started cleaning out my room and figured I have enough mini-albums so I decided to give it up for a RAK at Color Me Miki. Sorry, the RAK is closed and a winner was chosen. I hope she liked it!

Here is the cover. After I took pictures, I added more stickes, ribbons, and other goodies. It's so fun to just keep coming back and adding things here/there...everywhere!

Here is a close up of the cover. I love using Stickles on flower petals!

This is the inside cover page. I didn't take a picture of the facing page, but these are supposed to be for the dedication. Something about the kids, being a mom, etc...

Here is an inside page. There are 3 2-page spreads for each kid, at least how I envisioned it. But they can be for anything.

Finally the back inside page. I just love these quotes from the PP. Totally went with the theme.

Thanks so much!!


erin said...

hi em,
our schedules sound very similar:)
if it isn't going to the girls' activities, it's helping out at school, organizing an event, helping in the classroom, etc. i love it though and wouldn't have it any other way!
bring on the cheese, wine away my dear! that's what this is all about. we all hear ya!

Diana said...