Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day!! Hope all the daddys and daddy figures get all the lovin' they deserve!! We had a long day and the kids are pooped! Not to mention mom and dad! We started the day at Coyote Hills in Fremont. Luckily we saw my brother walking Rako and had him join us. I say "luckily" because he helped out with the kids, esp Jasmin! Rako sure gave Jordan a work out! He was so excited and was totally pulling Jordan down the trails. The kids did really good considering we went up some steep hills, even Joey!

After the hike we all had lunch at a Filipino resturant, Kalesa. The food was yummy and we were stuffed! We all planned to take naps when we got home, but instead we worked on the garage a bit more. Almost DONE! All that is left is a corner and we need to figure out what to do with the bikes.

I also wanted to finally share my projects for Color Me Miki's May kit. I used this kit for Father's Day projects and didn't want Heintje to see them..LOL. The above project is a mini album using the 7Gypsies Vintage Transparencies and the packaging. I created the layouts directly on the transparency and I alternated the pages with cardstock. It was so fun and easy to put together, now I just need to print out some pictures and adhere them. Heintje is so funny. This has been laying around in our office for weeks. He's even moved it when it was in his way. Then I gave it to him yesterday and he was totally surprised! What a dork..LOL!

Next is a card I made for my dad. I totally forgot to give it to him. I'm going to buy a bunch of Lotto tickets and Scratchers.

Finally a layout created for Joey Boy! Although he's not as hardcore as Jordan was about Thomas, he does enjoy playing with them every once in a while. All other times he just likes to torment the other two...haha!! Man, I LOVE LOVE this kid!

Hope everyone is enjoying summer! I would be enjoying it more if it wasn't so darn windy! It's like we are living in the Windy City or something!! Thanks for passing by and have a GREAT day!

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