Friday, July 10, 2009

Random LAYOUTS share

In the midst of our computer woes the past few months!..I've had a chance to backup our hard drive and look though layouts. I found a few that I haven't posted yet.

I created this layout out of KI paper scraps! With the smaller format I went with this year, it makes putting together layouts quick! But I'm still so used to printing out large pictures, it will take some getting used to working with the smaller prints. All 3 photos are 2x3. I still need to get my embellishments ON! LOL. When I printed these pictures, I was running out of ink. I didn't want to reprint, so I used the "ooopsss" and made it a play on the words with the title...Life in Technicolor, song by Cold Play. (We are watching them in concert on Monday!!!! WOOHOOO!!)

This layout is another I made just for myself, no challenge, no design work. I used scraps from the Keep In Touch kits, plus a few other embellies. My brother and SIL. Title is, "In the Event"...I still need to add some hidden journaling. It's kind of morbid, but the layout shows their love for my kiddos and "in the event"....we would have them raise and care for them.

Lastly, this layout was created for a challenge at Willow Traders during their 4yr Anniversary month last March. These pictures were taken last Nov, but the journaling was done in March. He was basically practicing for April Fool's day after watching some stuff on TV. Mixed up shampoos and toothbrushes swapped from our bathrooms. Found stuff in the refrigerator, and all sorts of other pranks! It was quite amusing...LOL!

Hope you all have a great weekend! We are celebrating my brother and SIL birthday tomorrow at the beach in SF. I hope the weather will be warm. Last year we went and it was super freezing!! Hoping for fun pictures this year :)


Mia Castrillo said...

Yehey, new layouts from you! I always look forward to seeing your work. Will give your sketch at Color Me Miki a go. Hopefully, I get lucky. :D

BethieJ said...

FANTASTIC as always Em.. have FUN at the birthday parties!!