Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nazareth and Caesarea

I can't believe we leave for the Philippines in less than 2 months!! I'm starting to really stress out and become anxious. We'll be gone for 5 weeks...ack!! Never in my life have I been gone from home for so long. Even when we were younger going to the PI we would be gone for 4 weeks max!! Thank goodness for the internet! At least I could still use email and pay bills..LOL.

This brings me to my next project...I really want to get the Holy Land pictures scrapped already. I do a few, then stop, then do a few...then stop! It funny, when I first started scrapping them, I used practically every picture. Now I'm throwing out more and more! And the pages are not as detailed...it's all about getting it done! LOL...

I'm not too fond of this layout at all. I think the pictures are not that great (indoors) and it just didn't motivate me. We (magpoc family) didn't get off the bus for this town. We were so tired and I wanted the kids to rest a while, it was a bit of a walk to get to the church. Here is Nazareth. The town where Jesus grew up!

The final stop for the day was Caesarea. It was once a thriving port on the edge of the Mediterranean. Here is our big group! I can't find Jordan in the picture though :(

Since I couldn't find Jordan in the last picture, I highlighted him in this picture...LOL. So glad he went for it...what a great photo op! This layout was made for a challenge from Scrapping Spot. Shawn, who hosts Nuts About Sketches, created this cool sketch. I can't find it on her blog, but it's posted at The Scrapping Spot. I changed it up a bit and used a bunch of scraps!!

Okay, that's it for now!! I made a card this past weekend, but gave it away before I had a chance to scan it...dang, I liked it, too! LOL. I also have another layout to scan....time, oh dear sweet time, where art thou??

Take care everyone!


Rachel V. said...

Always inspired by your layouts Em! I don't know how you do it. I love the statue. LOL

Shawn said...

Nice!!! I love the modifications.