Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hello again!

HI Everyone!!

Wow, has it really been over ONE year since my last post. I totally dropped the ball on this blog as well as any crafting. This past year has been one filled with many trials, but alongside that, it was also filled with much more joys. My niece came to live with us for a year turning us into a family of 6! WOW, it was interesting to say the least. She was a freshmen in highschool, so I had kidlets ranging from preschool to highschool. Three different schools, 4 sets of homework, many different after school activities, etc, etc. I'm sure most of you know the meaning of "etc, etc..."

When summer finally came around, I was able to relax and found some creativity. I haven't scrapped any layouts yet, but I have done bunches of other things. I'm still doing lots of cards, here are a few I've made. I have many more and I'll post those in a few days. These are all made from scraps. I'm trying to use up the plethora of goodies I have before buying anything new.

Thanks so much for stopping by...again :)

I will try to post regularly! I have been crafting so much and have lots to share!!

Take care!


erin said...

welcome back, Em! I was just wondering how you were doing the other day, and if you were going to start blogging again and here you are…big hugs!

Michelle said...

Em so glad to "see" you!!I would come check every so often to see if you have been crafting! i love the cards you made beautiful so glad you are getting your hands on some crafty time for yoU!
you have defintely been busy pre-school-HS wowzer i can see why you took a year off!!miss you lots glad to see you!