Saturday, January 26, 2008

Spring card class in March!

Yippee, I'm so excited to teach cards again. It was so fun putting these together, esp since they are spring cards,!! I love flowers!

Here is the scoop. Class will be at Picture Me Perfect. The class is not up yet, maybe around Feb 1.

Class Date: March 11 @ 7PM
Cost of Class: $25---includes basket + 5 cards!! What a deal!
My favorite is the Transparent card...FUN stuff!!
Here are pictures of the basket and 3 of the cards. Hope you like them :)


Chrissy Le said...

I wish you live closer to me so I can take your classes. And BIG CONGRATS to your project on Maya Road!!! So excited for you!!!

Just Jen said...

LOVE your cards girl! And that basket is too cute! Also, another big congrats on the Maya Road recognition....your album is beautiful!

Julie said...

You rock girl!!

I love the Hambly card!