Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tuesday Mornings

This is what happens on Tues mornings when Heintje and I both have work. With Jasmin going to preschool, Joey goes to Nanay and Tatay's house for the day. He really enjoys his morning commute, a great way explore nature!

Bundled up baby: KI papers, alpha, and chipboard. Scenic Route arrow
journaling: I always want to remember how cute you look all bundled up! This was created for the KI blog. Not really a challenge, but they showcased winter layouts. This is good enough for California weather! LOL!

morning commute: Scarlet Lime Jan08 kit
journaling: we are so lucky my parents live only two houses away. even more lucky that they come over and put them up!!

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Anonymous said...

Hello M!!!!
I had put off posting until I had time to peruse your blog - it has been so nice to see all the pics, but I haven't YET had a chance to look at them THOROUGHLY, but I have meant to since CHRISTMAS - I have yet to do so, but I thought I'd say HELLO now - since it is officially SPRING and almost April (!) --anyway, I am so happy to see you and your family looking so...happy (& GREAT!) Please say HELLO when you can, and even though things are so hectic - think about y'all often, hope to hear from you soon.