Monday, March 17, 2008

Bad, Bad Blogger!

I am sorry it's taken me forever to update. It's been a crazy week...2 weeks!
Let's see, right after my last post, which was March 5, we went to LA for the weekend. BUT...before we left, there was still so much to do !!
It started that same night. Jasmin and I watched Princess on Ice with my Forever Friend, Kim and her daughter Isabelle. The girls had such a great time together. We first ate dinner at a really classy place called...McDonald's. During the show, the girls were super excited. Jasmin was in a trance and toward the end of the show, all she can say was, "Mommy, this place is magical!" It was the cutest thing!! When we got home, Isabelle used one of Jasmin's PJ's. When I was trying to put on her shoes, she said, "I don't need shoes, I'm going to sleep here with Jasmin on her bed tonight." Totally CUTE! Unfortunately, she did not sleep over, but one day soon, they will have a tea party!

Then on Friday, we watched Jordan and his class in concert at Oholone College. The Domincan Sisters gathered 4 nearby schools to perform some songs. It was the 1st Annual concert and I was proud that Jordan's class was selected to sing. They did really great, although I noticed Jordan constantly giggling during the performance...grrr!

Finally, we were on our way to LA at 11:30PM! We arrived at 4:30AM. Really tired, but it was difficult to fall asleep. We slept for a few hours before heading off to the Baptism of Jazmin....our main purpose of the trip. Isn't she a cutie--Ninang, too...HAHA!! After the party we roamed around Universal City Walk for a while, just to let the kids run around and get tired. Check out the movie stars on the red carpet!
Finally headed home on Sunday and arrived around 9:00PM. It was a long, but short weekend spending only about 30 hours in LA. Hopefully next time we can stay for a while longer.
The following week I taught a class at Picture Me Perfect, so had to prep for that. Also had a bunch of assignments for different Design Teams. It was crazy and busy. Hopefully this week is a bit more calm and I can get back to getting my scrap ON! haha!
I'll post a bunch of layouts and other projects tomorrow.....

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