Wednesday, March 5, 2008

MORE sketches!!

Now that I look at it, it looks a bit similar to the SX one...oh well, I'm trying to use up all those 1400 Holy Land pictures!! haha!

Here are sketches for A Peek into Yesterday. You can play along HERE.

Here is the sketch from Feb 27 and the example--although I already posted this layout..haha!

And here is the sketch from today, March 5 and the sample


Jeanette said...

great sketches....amd your layouts rock. I'm off to check out the site!

Anonymous said...

I love your new pages....the girls and boys one is tooooooo cute!

Catherine said...

I am loving all of your Holy Land pages!

Chrissy Le said...

Love these sketches girl! If I find some time Friday night, I'm gonna scrap! Can't wait to do the SSK class with you girl!!! So excited!