Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Help me with PHOTOS..ack!!

I usually don't like to take the time to edit pictures and make them exciting. The most I do is lighten it up a bit or sharpen the slightly blurry ones. But I've been totally reading this site: Confessions of a Pioneer Woman and her photos are amazing. She uses photoshop and actions and stuff like that. I don't want to dive into that pool yet, but I do want to do something to my pictures. Since I take lots of indoor pictures of the kidlets, the lighting is pretty crummy.

A few months back, my friend Heather, told us about this site: Picnik. I've mentioned it before on this blog, but just recently, I've become addicted again....because of The Pioneer Woman...haha!

So I've been playing around with different settings, but I"m not sure if it's good, great, or ...what was I thinking editing this already okay picture. I need some help.....please help!
I'm going to post a few before and after shots, please let me know if it's great or overboard....Thanks sooo much!


Jenny said...

Personally, I think you lightened them too much--I think they look washed out now. The first one I think needs a little lightening, the other 2 I would leave alone.

Have fun playing though!

I'm gonna have to check out Picnik!

OH, I love the Pioneer Woman too! Have you checked her cooking site??? OMG!!

erin said...

hey em!
i think for me, they are too light. i like the family shot close up, but i think they are too light. i know it is tough, i just touched up some of mine, thank goodness i still have the originals, in case i change my mind again. LOL