Thursday, March 20, 2008

Again with the pictures...LOL!

Okay...still playing around with it. They are more subtle than the pictures posted from yesterday. This time I used a trick by Pioneer Woman...Hard Light in Photoshop. But after applying the Hard Light, I lowered the opacity so it won't be so harsh and orange.

Promise I'll post more layouts this weekend!!

For this picture I really wanted him to get out of the darkness created by shadows....just a little lighter compared to the previous post.

This one I can't decide which I like better. The original is okay as is, but the edited shows a bit more contrast. Her face is a little washed out, but I like the contrast in her hair. ?? I don't know??

This is one is better than the previous edit. But I don't know which one I like better...LOL...
It shows a bit more color to his face but not so dark in the shadows.

This one is pretty much the same, but cropped. I did do the Hard Light trick, but the Opacity is like in the 30s or so.

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