Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fool's Day!!!

Hello folks!! Here are a bunch of layouts for your viewing pleasure...and it's no JOKE! haha!

As much as I love to host challenges, I also like to partake in them.
March was a WONDERFUL time at Willow Traders. This year marks their 3rd year online. I'm so happy that I was one of the earlier members, # 232!! I have had such a great time on this community and have made a bunch of friends--online AND in person! Anyway, every single day in March was hosted by a different kit club. They hosted challenges, games, and gave away prizes!! Here are some of the challenges I completed. Sorry, I can't remember which club they were for. These past 31 days went by too quickly!!

Yes, I'm finally finishing up with Greece, really!! Just a few more that I have been slacking on and you'll see the rest in the next few posts.
This is the Arch Hadrian. This leads into the Temple of Zeus. I think this was a scraplift challenge, so it's not my design :)

The crazies posing with a branch that Cousin, Melissa, found..LOL!

In this layout, I ran out of "S", so I subbed it with a "Z". My excuse is we were at the Temple of Zeus...works, right? The kids loved running around. The past 2 days on tours and on the cruise were so confining.. Let all that energy out kids!

The other layout has a bunch of pictures with Joey. Cousin, thought it would be neat just to have some pictures with just the baby...reminicsing life with just 1 kidlet. Oh...the good old days! Sorry the pictures are kinda crazy, my ink was running out and I was too lazy to reprint. It's artsy, okay..haha! This was actually a challenge hosted by Transparent Touches.

My SIL, Tina, totally looked like one of the greek godesses in her dress!

And one of Joey Boizer...he is too cute!! This was soon after his first haircut. He looked so different, so I had the title---Who is this Kid? LOL! This is based on a sketch.

Here is a sketch and example I created for the March issue of Scrapbytes.


Chrissy Le said...

You are the queen of the layouts! I don't know how you do it! I'm being lazy lately, as you can tell, surfing the net instead of scrapping.LOL

Sandra Yu said...

hi em,

i get to see ur works in the blog. grabe, lagi ako napapa wow sa lahat. great LOs u got...i dig some ideas for my future LOs..

scrappfever said...

Hey Em,

Thanks for the complement. How are you? I haven't seen you in a long time. here's a link to my blog http://lifeofascrapaholic.blogspot.com/

take care,


erin said...

hi em!
happy wednesday!
awesome stuff as always! love the one esp of your son after his first haircut. such a handsome boy!