Monday, May 19, 2008

Another Busy Weekend

It just seems like 1 thing after another for us. But that's okay, one day when we have nothing to do, the kids will be bored out of their mind! LOL! In between events this weekend, I was also working a friend's 70th birthday invite. Not my friend turning 70, but her Uncle..LOL. I am finally finished with those and I can start scrapping again!

Saturday night we went to dinner at a Japanese restaurant off Automall, Kaenyama Sushi & Teppanyaki. We sat at the Teppanyaki (am I using the word in correct context?) where the chef made the meal in front of us. The kids LOVED it. We used to eat at Nijo Castle where they would do this, but it's been years..oh besides the time Heintje and I went to Hawaii.
After dinner we went next door to Yoswirl for dessert. It was Grand Opening day and it was half off! The kids LOVED this place, too. You start out with yogurt, then you add different mix ins--sprinkles, cereal, candy bars, fruits, etc. They were loading on the toppings, good thing it was half off day! They determine how much your yogurt is by weighing it. What a great idea!

Then Mommy, Jasmin, and I walked over to Joann's to buy more ribbon for the invites and Jasmin spotted some watering cans. Of course I ended up buying them, like a sucker! LOL. the morning we decided to put the new watering cans to use. Our poor grass is not used to the 90-100 degree weather. It's so thristy! Since the cans are so little, the kids go through the water in seconds. Jordan was the water boy and was very patient considering he was constantly filling up their cans. Joey was having a BLAST and was soaking wet within 5 minutes! Crazy!
Finally, I went to the scrapbook garage sale at Bay Area Scrappers. I've been cleaning my room the past few MONTHS. My goal is to have the room be a guest room/storage room. It's going to take some time, but I'm on my way. It's just so hard to let go of things and think--hey, I could use that! LOL! Anyway...I sold a bunch but not as much compared to Feb. I had a lot less stuff now. My room is clearing out and I love it. It makes me want to get rid of more..more...more!! I'm sure Heintje is really happy to hear that..LOL.
While at the sale, I also met another scrapper from the Philippines--Sunshine Asuncion. It was great meeting you! Maybe next time we can hang out for a bit longer :)
So that was our weekend. This week I can get back to scrapping. Done with the invites, done with the purging (for now), and no family plans during the week (I think). Ate Grace and family is coming up from LA on Saturday. We'll be going to Great America...woohoo!


Kent said...

Cute pics! Want to see that birthday invite you did!

BethieJ said...

Oh Em what GREAT photos!! We ate at a place like that with some friends, the kids love it and so did I!
Now Slip and Slide ='s FUN for kids, and GOOD photos for MOM! No scary stuff I promise!! They have a couple sizes... plus one that is even double! :) My kiddos LOVE it! I am sure yours would too! :)
Have a GREAT day!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!!