Thursday, May 22, 2008

Layouts, layouts, and MORE layouts!!

I must have used this title before since it came up on AutoType..LOL! I'm so creative when it comes to naming my posts...LOL! Well, as you can read from my "creative" title, I'll be sharing a bunch of layouts. Do you guys rather me post everyday with a few layouts, or stretch it out and post a bunch of layouts once a week or so? Just curious :)

Let's start off with the ScrappersXchange MAY kit. It was filled with Scenic Route; Cosmo Cricket; Fancy Pants; and Making Memories papers. Perfect kit for boy pages, but the SR embellies were great for girl pages. An all around AMAZING kit!! Here is what the fun kit looks like: (click on the image for a larger view)
Here is a layout I made for my Mom's album...hence the 8 1/2 x 11 size :)

My poor sweet Joey :( He LOVES balloons, to him it's another BALL! He is definately ALL BOY! But on this day, at this tired, naptime, time of day, he was happily playing with his balloon. Ate got it from Jeremy's birthday the night before and Joey suddenly claimed it as his. Anyway, the balloon kept going toward our roses. So I took it away from him because I was afraid it would pop--temporarily, I promise!--but of course you can't really reason with a 1 year old. So he freaked out, poor kid. Until he ran over to Nanay's house....and he was a happy camper again! See the next layout!

My awesome Mommy. After losing his pink balloon, he ran over to my parents house. Within minutes he was a happy boy all over again! Love how their moods can change in an instant. The title Endless Energy pertains to HER, not Joey..LOL. I love how she can keep up with the little tykes!

Here is my happy, happy godson, Nathan. I love creating baby pages. It seems that Joey became a toddler overnight and I wasn't done with the baby pages :( Good thing I can scrap Nathan layouts, but too bad he doesn't want to go blind from all the flashes!

The following layouts were made for the month long 3rd Anniversary celebration at Paper Posies. I wasn't able to participate for the first couple of weeks since we were so crazy busy, but I finally got 3 layouts done earlier this week. Yippee!!

This first layout was to use the colors blueish and greenish, with a touch of pink. I LOVE it! These are my favorite color schemes lately!! My poor Jasmin busted her lip on St. Patrick's day. We just watched Princess on Ice a few weeks earlier and she has been an "ice skating" fool with her socks! She tried for a double axle--not really--but tried to spin around and ATE it! She ran over to me in a bloody mess. I freaked out praying it wasn't a lost tooth, but thank God it was just a busted lip. I was also afraid she would need stitches. It kept bleeding for almost 10minutes!! Poor Jassy Belle!

The next challenge was to use white space, but with a twist to also include something hand cut. I cut out an image from a patterned paper. Sorry, this layout totally looks like the layout above. I told ya, I'm in love with the color scheme! My #3--crazy little dude, but I am still in love with him!

Finally, this layout was for using 3 pictures on a page. Easy for me since I love to use 3 pictures all the time..LOL! 2nd generation cousins hanging out at Baker Beach. I love how easily they bond even if they just met :)

Okay...this is all for now. Let me know about the frequency of the updates and I'll try my best! THANKS soo much!


Michelle said...

Wow that kit looks AMAZING!yummy stuff going on there!love all your layouts Em love the one of your DD with the lip great colors and the I'm so happy one love them!

dinah said...

Hi Em! Great layouts! I wish I could do more layouts also. Love the blues & oranges.

Btw, I tagged you :) Please check out my blog


dinah said...

Hi Em! Great layouts! Love the blues and the oranges. Wish I could be as productive.

Btw, I tagged you. Please visit my blog

Michele said...

Hi, your layouts our gorgeous and so inspiring! I've bookmarked ya, I must come back for more! Have a great week!