Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!

Happy Mother's Day Mommy! We love you so much and we are so THANKFUL for all you do for us, the kids, for everyone! You have taught us how to be hospitable and gracious. You always open your home to everyone who arrives. Your meals leave us stuffed, yet wanting more. You always put others before you put yourself. You love with a tender heart. And you always have Ice Cream! WE LOVE YOU!!
We spent the weekend in Lake Tahoe to take Ate Nette and family. There were 26 of us! It was wonderful to be all together again. We have missed it since our Holy Land trip. We stayed at World Mark time share and Harrah's Casino. What was supposed to be a room for 8 at the time share turned out to be a room for 18..LOL! We tried our luck at Harrah's the first night, unfortunately, Hman and I lost..LOL. But Cousin and Tina did great. They played again the next night. Here is our group picture on the beach in front of Lake Tahoe. The mountains in the background look fake..LOL. But it was so beautiful and the weather was perfect! Until our next family outing.....

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Just Jen said...

Great family photo Em! I love that family is so important to you and you never take it for granted.