Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thank YOU!

Thank you so much everyone for the well wishes for our anniversary. I still can't fathom the 10 entire decade of being together. I guess when you are having fun (or not..LOL) time just zooms on so fast. I remember being a kid and growing up was like a snails' life. Couldn't wait to be older, do more things, get married, kids, etc. Now that I am older...I wish I was just a bit younger, freer, and without all these responsibilities...LOL!

Heintje and I have yet to celebrate our anniversary. Friday he was working, Saturday was busy with a family party in Dublin..Happy Birthday Mikee and Marga! Sunday was at the beach. This week we had 2 dinners. One at our house and last night at Ewa's house. Friday we leave for Lake Tahoe.'s one thing after another! It's fun though. I love hanging with the family. And it's even more special since Ate Monette and her family are here. I wish all of them can be day...

Anyway...let's get some layouts going :)
Here are my projects from Scrapbook Circle's May kit.

I'll start off with the project in the kit. It's a cool circle turn thing. I decided it would be a great way to show some of the places we visited during our Holy Land trip. So every time you turn the wheel, you get a different city. There are 6 pictures in all, but I am only showing 2 here, you get the idea ;)

The pictures in this layout was from our 2nd day in Egypt. We went to Memphis where they honored King Ramses. You can see statues of him in the background. Here is some Egypt trivia...notice the way stands. His arms are to the side and it's as if he is walking. This symbolizes him when he was alive. Different from other statues where the arms are crossed and they are holding a staff...that symbolizes them after they have passed away. COOL, now if you ever get on Jeopardy with that Million $$ question, remember who taught you that!

Here is a layout from our trip to LA last March. The kids were having a blast splashing around the fountain with the big gigantic globe at Universal Studios. I love how you can just see their silhouette.

Here are the goofy kids at the rest stop on the way home. We try to pass by at Harris Ranch. They have a Shell gas station and Subway! They also have these horses the kids like to play on. At first Joey was a bit hesitant, esp when the horses started to move, then after, he was the one asking for the coins! He knew to go to Nanay or Tatay..that kid learns quick..haha!

Finally I leave you with a sweet shot of Heintje and Jasmin. Yes, after 4 years she is starting to warm up to him, with a bribe of ice cream..LOL. One day she will be a full fledged Daddy's Girl, with no bribing what so ever! Also a close up shot of the flowers. I created them by cutting out circles, crumpling them for dimension, then sticking a brad in the center. I used the ric rac from the kit as the stem.


Lee i. said...

That circle project is ingenious! Can I scraplift? Glad I found my way to your site, you have very lovely LOs.

jonaks said...

loved that wheel. give a tutorial please. great pages as usual.

BethieJ said...

Oh EM~ you know I LOVE your work! HOW cute are those sweet kiddos!! Give them a HUG for me!!! and HAPPY (belated) 10 year anniversary!!
Have a WONDERFUL weekend, and Happy Mothers Day!!

Anonymous said...

Find time to celebrate that's important. Even a dinner out without the kids would be nice. I love what you did with that kit...especially the little circle thing! It works so well for your holyland trip! Love it!!!!

Michelle said...

love the wheel Em great idea!love all the layouts great colors and design!

Maybelle said...

Hi, Em! I was inspired by your Paper Trunk Alter It chipboard Wheel. If you have time pls drop by my blog to take a look. Thanks!