Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday to ME!! haha!

On June 19, 1974 a sweet little baby girl was born...haha!! And now, she's a crazy scrapbooking mother of 3!! Yes, it has happened...I've turned 34 :) I can't believe life is totally zooming by. I remember loooking forward to my birthday and counting down the days. Now, it's like, wow, it's over, I still want to celebrate! I can hardly remember the day and how we spent it. And now I have to calculate how old I am...haha! The day of my birthday, H worked, but we went to a prayer service hosted by Father Joey. It was his birthday, too! The service was at Auntie Minia's house. She is our Godmother for our wedding and they own the BEST cake place around!! If you are ever in the area or need a YUMMY cake, check them out: Minia's Bakeshop. Auntie Minia's daughters now run the shop, Jennifer and Caroline. Tell them I sent ya ;)

Friday evening we had dinner at House of Prime Rib in SF. YUM!! As we were driving down 880 at 5pm, it was 107 in Oakland!! Record temps for sure! After dinner we hung out at Pier 39 to check out the sea lions. It was perfect weather for the Bay at 90 degrees and a slight breeze!! Here we are at Pier 39. Check out Jordan's new do! LOL! And gotta love Jassy's smile and Joey always chomping on something. I think this time it was peppermint candy. This picture captures their personalities for SURE! I edited this photo on Picnik...LOVE that site!

Let's see, what did we do Saturday?? I can't rememer what we did in the morning...swimming maybe?? Yes, I think we did swim..haha? And took a nap? Hmmm?? Well, that evening we went to dinner with buddies from college. Alan and Jennifer also have June birthdays and for the past 13 years, since we were 21, we have celebrated together. It's an awesome tradition and I hope it will continue for a LONG time! They brought their 2 year old son, Jason. Mike Lau also came along and treated us for dinner...THANKS, Mike Lau! After dinner, we ate some yummy Yoswirl! I think I'm so addicted to that stuff. (We were just there yesterday with Cousin, Jaime, Neil, Sean, and the kidlets. Good stuff!) Finally on Sunday we spent the AM at Farmer's Market at New Park. Then the afternoon at Great America. Such a busy but FUN weekend!!

Now for the layouts. I'm sad to say that I am now eliminated from the Scrapvivor challenge. I was just too busy this weekend to crank out the projects for Challenge 7. I'm a little bummed because I was really hoping to get into the final 8, but oh, well...I did get TONS done and used up a bunch of stash since June 1. And now I can get back to my life and SLEEP again..haha!! These layouts are from Scrapvivor, Challenge 2. This was actually a card making challenge using sketches, but on Day 3, it was opened up for layouts. I'm going to just show a few cards then the layouts. I made 34 cards and 9 layouts for the challenge, woohoo!! Now, these are totally NOT award winning cards and layouts, but it's DONE! haha!

Here are a bunch of cards for the stash...now I will be better prepared for parties and not create them a few hours before..haha!

Here are a couple of NON-trip layouts. Random pictures of my mom and Joey for her album. And Jordan picking up trash at the park for community service hours for school.

A few layouts from Egypt, Day 1. Pictures on the bus and the other layout use pictures from our tour around Coptic Egypt....Christian Churches. Sorry the pictures are so horrible. They were all printed from Snapfish and it's just not the same as printing from home :( But with 1500 pictures, I was not going to use up all that ink..haha!

After going around Coptic Egypt, we visited the Pharaonic Village. This was the grand entrance, cool pictures with a couple statues. And during the river tour. I mentioned some of this in my previous post. Poor Jasmin, she was so tired and zonked out!

Next are layouts from Egypt, Day 2. We visited the Step Pyramids. Check us out on the donkey!

Finally another layout from Egypt, Day 2. After the Step Pyramids we traveled to Memphis to see the old ruins from King Ramses II.

So there you have it, Challenge 2. I only got up to Challenge 7, so 5 more posts about Scrapvivor..haha!! Looking forward, you'll see more Egypt pictures, Jordan--the country, not my son..LOL, and Petra. Such a beautiful and amazing place! Thanks for taking the time to visit :)


BethieJ said...

Em~ sounds like a WONDERFUL birthday weekend!!! :) and I LOVE all the stuff you got done! You ROCK girl!! I gotta grow up to be like EM! :)
Love to you and your sweet family!!!
have a GREAT day!

kat said...

Happy late Birthday Girlie!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday girl! You deserve a special day! I love your spunk and enthusiasm...a real enjoyer of life...no other way to be! Happy Birthday!
I love your latest works too...you rock!

cheerful cropper said...

wow! wow! wow!
such fun!
so many los and cards- awesome!!
hope you had a wonderful day!
i will look into that cake place :)