Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Willow Traders Scrapvivor, Challenge 1

ETA: Here are the instructions for adding that Traffic Feed thing. I copied this exactly from her email, thanks so much, Laurie!! And here is the site for the Traffic Feed:
"Is your blog on blogger? If it is, then you hit the add it button on the fedjit site. Then I believe that you copy the text in the box they give you onto your template. Use the customize button on blogger and use a side bar add and put the code in there."

Yippee..I just learned to add the Traffic Feed thing. My friend Laurie gave me totally clear and SIMPLE instructions how to do it. THANKS, girl!! Now I can see who comes here and from where. I'm totally excited!!

I am totally loving the Scrapvivor challenge at Willow Traders. I keep talking about it to my family and they think I'm nuts. Heintje can't wait for me to get kicked off, the cute kids are cheering me on, and my parents think I should just sleep! LOL! Annette, a total Survivor fan, is hosting the challenge. She has been coming up with really great challenges and I love the way she presents everything. I know NOTHING about Survivor, but they way she says everything, makes me feel like I'm on a secluded island far, far away....Cropalopagos Islands!

The first challenge for Willow Trader's Scrapvivor Challenge was Monochromatic. I'm really not a fan of monochromatic, but I guess it's supposed to be a challenge, right? LOL! Some of the pages are sooo NOT great..LOL. But the object of Scrapvivor is QUANTITY...not quality..LOL So bare with me here! Here goes.....

Let's start off with a spring layout. Yes, this was taken from the same day as the Spring layout from the previous post. With summer coming in a few days, I wanted to showcase another Spring layout. And I just loved that day. It was simple and sweet. PP-AC (blue background), old school Chatterbox! (blue floral), MM (black); alpha-Doodlebug; chipboard accents--SR (hand); AC (flourish); journaling thing--Luxe??

Now let's move on to Baker Beach. These pictures were taken right before we left for the beach. Notice the gloomy skies. We were worried it might start raining while we were there. PP-MM Chelsea (blue background), 7G (text), Cherry Arte (grid); alpha--Doodlebug; label sticker--MM; flowers--Prima; brads--MM
I just love these pictures of the kids. Heintje was trying to get the kite to work, but it was really windy. It was cute to watch the kids try and run around..LOL! Check out Marga with Rako's leash tied around her waist. She loves hanging out with Rako, too. PP--MM Chelsea (green die cut background), MM 5th Ave (black circles), CI (black scallop), some other black PP??; flower--Prima; brads--MM; alpha--AC; rubon bracket--Kaiser Craft
Here is Joey being soo crazy with Rako! At first he was pretty nervous around him. He would be so entranced with him, yet needs the comfort of someone close by. By the end of the day, Joey was all over Rako, poking him with sticks, feeding him rocks and dirt, and even sweetly petting him...then pounding him. Poor Rako!! PP-Green background--Prima?, black-KI?..sorry, I forget these things...LOL. journaling sheet--MM; photo turn-7G; stars--HS; alpha--AC

Here are pictures from our trip to LA...yes, the same one from last March! LOL! I think there is 1 more layout from that trip, and it's DONE! I am totally in a GREEN phase right now, I just love the color's so pretty, so happy. PP-Prima; alpha--HS and AC; flowers--Prima; border and label sticker--MM; "superstar" bling--MMBI; brads--MM
Let's move on to non-travel pages. Well, sorta (they did the traveling)....Remember in my prior posts about a couple Filipina scrapbookers--Marian and Sunshine. Well, I finally scrapped a layout about it. I had to combine the two visits even though they were a couple months apart. There were not very many pictures of the events and you know...totally multi-photo scrapper! LOL! It's a simple page, but the memory of the event is what is important. PP-AC (pink), Cherry Arte (black); alpha--Doodlebug; flower-Prima; chipboard journaling thing--Autumn Leaves
Next up is...ME! Bwahahwahha!! Jassy Belle took these awesome pictures of me..haha! I need to get some goofy headshots for a DT one day and she was around to help me out...Thanks, Babe! She did a pretty good job, considering her crazy subject! PP-everything MM even the solids; lace trim--EK Success; vinyl "this is Me"--Scrapworks; alpha--EK and HS; floral trim and brads--MM; journaling spot--ME! I have to give credit to my friend Alicia for the title, she created a LO with the same title with pictures her DD took of her. Very cool title! THANKS, girl!
And finally....a layout from Egypt. This was taken during our first day in Egypt. We went to this place, the Pharaonic Village. It was really cool. You get to ride a boat on the Nile and it takes you through life during "Ancient Egypt". It starts out with statues of their gods and kings, then daily life--how they planted, how they grew crops, how they used papayrus, etc. It was really cool...and being an Egypt fanatic, I was totally lovin' it!! PP-MM (red dots and black), red floral??; alpha--AC and HS. I also used cut outs from the pamphlets we got at the place.
Sooo....this is Challenge 1. We are currently on Challenge 6, so I still have LOADS of layouts to share with you! LOL! Hope I don't scare you guys away!! THANKS so much for reading!


Laurie said...

Ooooh! I got a shout out from the famous EM!!!! :D Hugs to your girl! Glad you could follow my directions! LOL! Love all your layouts....AS ALWAYS!!! Hope to see you soon! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOO...for tomorrow!

marking said...

Hi Em. So many awesome LO's. Lovely! Made a LO of my visit there too.

Michelle said...

Wow Em awesome layouts!!you are keeping up with the challenges!I wish i could too much going on right now! maybe next round!!

Wishing you a VERY Happy Birthday!!hope you get spoiled rotten ;)

marking said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Yes hope we get to see each other again and also do some scrap shopping.

Kent said...

Happy Birthday! Those layouts are great!