Friday, August 22, 2008

First Day of School!!!

WAH! I can't believe summer is over. No more sleeping in until 8. No more haphazard schedules. No more getting home at 9 and just lazily getting ready for bed. It's time for schedules, it's time for homework, it's time to get out of bed by 630am! *yawn*

Jordan is now a big 4th GRADER!! He knows the ropes, he knows the joint, he also knows how to get in trouble...haha! Sorry for the horrible photo. I was juggling both Joey and Jasmin in the classroom. It was also drizzling so I didn't get a good photo outside.

Now, here is our new KINDERGARTENER!! Jasmin looks so super cute in her uniform. She was so brave on her first day. Didn't even shed a single tear. Now Mama on the other hand, had to fight hard to stay strong! I didn't want her to see me, then she might end up following in my footsteps. She did GREAT!! The first day she was in the second session, 1030-1230. Second day she was in the first session, 8-10. Today she goes for 4.5 hours, 8-1230. This goes on for a few weeks. Then in Sept, she will start full days, 8-3!! It's such a long day for a little person. She is still getting used to waking up early and getting out of the house. But I'm sure after a few weeks, she'll be up and at 'em!!
Poor Joey, he goes around the rooms looking for them. Sorry baby, Kuya and Ate are now at school!! But at least you have Nanay and Tatay all to yourself!!


erin said...

holy cow, school is in session! i know, it seems earlier and earlier they start nowadays. emi will be starting on monday. i'm so NOT ready. she is!
are they in a private school?
i ask because jassy's uniform looks identical to emis.

Rachel said...

Em - Hard to believe how big they are getting. Jasmin is such a cutie pie kindergartener. We're finishing up our second full week of school today and my body is still adjusting to getting up earlier. Might help if I would quit scrapping so late into the night, huh? LOL

Kent said...

Ugh - my kids starts school next week and I feel the same way you do. I don't want to go back to all the schedules and things to do and homework!!

BethieJ said...

Oh Em! They look so cute!! Jassys uniform looks just like the one I used to wear.. flash back! LOL!
We start Sept. 3rd.. my kiddos cant wait... I can! LOL!!
Hope all is well!!!

cheerful cropper said...

ah! i am going to be such a sad mommy when it is time for baby k to go to school :( poor lil joey!