Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dead Sea Scrolls, Qumran, Israel

What?!?! Another post!! I think I'm getting my mojo back! With scrapping, with life, with blogging!! School starts tomorrow and that means 1 thing...SCHEDULE! This summer has been crazy and haphazard. I can't wait until we get on a real schedule--I can go back to scrapping when I want, the kidlets sleep earlier (hopefully baby kidlet will, too! Right now he is sleeping at 11pm, crazy kid!) Oh, and did I mention I'll have more time to scrap? Ha-ha! Well, that is the plan. I've been really lazy, mojo-less, and just plain uninspired. We shall see!!

Anyway, onto more important stuff...layouts! I completed 6 layouts, but I'm only showing 3 because my scanner is not being happy lately. I might have to start taking pictures of my layouts, ugh! It's 4 years old and it's been well-used and loved. Keep chugging along my sweet large format scanner.

I'm back to doing Holy Land layouts. I'm done with Greece, Egypt, and Jordan. I'm starting our final leg of the trip...Israel! Here we are outside of Qumran---home of the Dead Sea Scrolls. A long time ago (I forgot..early 1900's?) a shepard was looking for his sheep. It wandered into a cave, so the shepard threw something to try to get it out. Instead of hearing the clang of rocks or dirt, he heard the cling of pottery. He quickly went up to the cave and found a bunch of pots. Inside he found rolls and rolls of scrolls (MC Em, rhyming it up!) How amazing is that!! The scrolls were written early AD and some even mention about a CULT following a man named Jesus! Can you believe Christianity started out as a CULT. Amazing!

I'll leave you with a sketch challenge over at ScrappersXchange. Hope you guys can give it a try!! It ends on Saturday! It will help you use up some of those plethora of pictures I'm sure you have laying around :)

Until next time....


Diana said...

Love the pages em! And how did you know that I have a pleathera of pictures?!!! :)

Tam, I am said...

Absoluely stunning pictures and lovely LOs.

Kent said...

Very cool sketch! You take the best vacations!!

Linda A. said...

Fantastic pages, Em! Make sure you check out my blog today, there might be something interesting for you there. :)

erin said...

hi em!
holy cow, when you scrap, you scrap! are you like the fastest creative juicer i know or what?
i'll be sure to keep posted, i saw linda's blog already:)
love you girl!