Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Willow Traders Scrapvivor Challenge #5

LOL!! I's been months since this Scrapvivor thing! But I still have layouts to share with you guys. Hope you don't mind. By this time I was totally losing my mojo. I still got 13 layouts done, but they are totally NOT eye pleasing. The pictures were horrible and I just threw whatever onto the layouts...LOL. But HEY...they are done! I got done with Mount Nebo pictures, yippee! Challenge #5 was based on Ads. So many of the layouts will look similar. Thanks so much for taking a peek!!

First up, these are year old photos of when my brother took Jordan to Great America. It was during Jordan's "pink" phase..LOL! Although he had to change his shirt because he was soaked from the water rides.

Here is group shot of our tour group while in Egypt. There were a bunch of us. And what was really cool was that over 25 of us were FAMILY!! I love scrapping and reliving the memories of this trip. I'm so thankful to have experienced it--not just the tours and the history, but being with my familiy to experience it.

And some crazy pictures as we roamed around Egypt. Remember that video game "Frogger"? Well, we played it while we were in Egypt, except, we were the FROGS!! We went out of the hotel looking for some bottled water. There are NO street lights, no cross walks...NOTHING. It also happened to be pretty late at night, like 11pm or so. You would think the streets would be more quiet, but it was bustling with people, cars, honking!! We literally would only cross 1 lane at a time and STOP in the middle of the lanes. There were like 10 lanes!! It was the most scariest thing we did. We would even curl up our toes because we were THAT close to the cars. While were were stopped in the lanes, the people in the cars were seriously inches away! My heart is pounding while I'm even writing about it..LOL!!

Then we went to Jordan. It was really amusing seeing Jordan's name everywhere. I totally got a kick out it!! He was so proud! These were taken at the airport. Joey wanted to pull Jordan's bag..LOL..what a silly!

Right after we got off the plane---very delayed--we rushed to Mount Nebo. This is the site where Moses is said to rest.

From the place we were standing, God spoke to Moses. God told Moses that the land as far as he can see will all belong to his decendants.

Also on the site is a chuch built in the 2nd half of the 4th century. It's a beautiful chuch, simple stone as it's foundation.

Once inside you see amazing mosiac masterpieces. Thanksfully they were well preserved.

It was around 2pm and we still have not eaten lunch. We left Mount Nebo and headed south toward Petra. We stopped at this place to eat. There was also a gift shop where the kids played around with the flags. Finally we reached Petra. It was a few hours drive. And it was perfect to get quick nap.

This layout has pictures from the next morning. After a hearty breakfast, we waited for the rest of our group before heading to the Treasury!! Petra was listed as one of the NEW 7 Wonders of the World!! And I can totally see why...and you'll soon see, too!


Diana said...

Em, these pages are great! I think they are very creative! But I know what you mean about the creative thing. My mom told me don't have to create a masterpiece every time you sit down, you are creating a legacy to help you remember special memories.

Diana said...

Emelyn, these pages are great,and very creative! I do understand about the feeling like it's not creative. My mom told me once, you don't have to have a masterpiece every time, you are creating a treasure memory book for you to enjoy!

cheerful cropper said...

what a lucky girl to have visited all these beautiful and wonderful places!

kat said...

Dang Girl!! You can crank out those pages and they are always rockin!!Thanks so much for the b-day wishes and the compliments. We soooo have to meet before I move. Hugs!!


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BethieJ said...

Oh Em~ I LOVE your pages girl! The photos are GREAT! What a TRIP that must have been!!!
Hope all is well with your sweet family!!!