Thursday, December 11, 2008

Random layouts

I cannot believe it's already Dec 11! Exactly 2 more weeks to Christmas and we haven't even sent out our cards yet. Heintje will be buying something special for them today and hopefully we can get them out this weekend. *sigh*..."Life moves pretty fast. If you don't slow down and look around, you might miss it"....where is that quote from??....I feel like I'm about to miss Christmas!

Here are a few layouts I had sitting around that I haven't posted yet. They are OLD! I think they were created during summer?? I have about 5 layouts that I need to scan, hopefully I'll get them up in a few days :) THANKS soo much for looking!

This was created for a challenge...use white space. Pretty simple, just 1 sheet of PP for the background, a few scrap strips of PP for a border. And finally using up my rubons. They are from Daisy D, I love them! Goes on like buttah! ha! The photo was taken at the SF airport when Ate Monette and her family went back home to the Philippines. They were here for about 6, what a GREAT vacation!

Here is my scrapping partner. He is such a night owl, and stays up almost as late as I do, yikes! In order to get some things done, I give him a bunch of stickers and he's a happy camper. I've also included his "work of he{art}!"

I've always been known to not match my wardrobe. When I was younger my friends would constantly tell me I was a "Fashion NO". It's still true for now, fashion is not one of my strong suits and I just wear what is most comfortable, esp when I have chase down a 2 year old all day long. Well, that mis-matching flows down to my scrapping, too! I hardly ever match the papers together or to the picture. That is okay with me and I love using up scraps! I don't even remember what I put on this layout, just what I had sitting around from previous ones done. My 2 sweeties totally in AWE of the spinning toy. They were literally in that position for a good 10 minutes!! Ahh..the simple joys in life!

The last 2 layouts were challenges from Homegrown Summer Stash Buster. And I think I also combined it with the Willow Traders Scrapvivor challenges, even though I was already out..haha.

This layout needed to use "laugh" in a title and buttons. The quote reads: You fill our days with {laughter}. My crazy daughter at Pier 39. It was a hot hot day, 90degrees at 9pm in SF!! The heat must have gotten to her..haha!

Finally, the challenge here was to use a summer picture. What better way to portray summer than a swimming photo from our first Summer Swim day. Used a bunch of KI goodies from the $12 (clearance) clipboard pack from Joann's. Gotta love great prices!!

That's all for now. Hope all these summer photos helped keep you a little warm this time of year. Here in CA, I'm FREEZING in this 40-50degree weather!! mocking all your east coasters! haha!


Melanie Stanczyk said...

Hi Em,

50 degrees---I'm at -4 right now. So I'll trade. LOL!

I have one of those scrapping partners too. I give him my punches. It amazing what they can create, isn't it?!?!?!?!

Have you been scrapping lately? Love the layouts you posted! How's the DT going?

Miss talking to you, where have you been?

Diana said...

Hey Em! Love these pages!!! And I'm freezing too with about the same tempts! :)

jothescrapaddict said...

everytime I see your pages --it inspires me to create pages that are loaded with love and memories -- without all the fuss about creating with perfection,.. and whats great about your pages -- you still achieve your elegant pages with pefection,.. you encourage me not to use the supplies I buy and just keep going and keep the mindset to create memories without stress.. thanks for that em -- keep them coming hey?


Kent said...

Great layouts and I LOVE the family one!

cheerful cropper said...

i love the family photo and joey's artwork! way to get the LOs done!
let's croptogether soon so some of your mojo rubs off on me!! with michelle too!

BethieJ said...

Oh EM! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your layouts.. to cute is your Joey... a little night owl scrapper with mom! To fun!! :)
I hope you and your family have a BEAUTIFUL holiday!! (and I am finishing my cards too! SIGH! the month flew by for me!!)
Happy Holidays!

BethieJ said...

Oh I forgot to say I will TAKE your 40-50.. we got 20-30 and SNOW! I got some fun photos.. it can GO NOW! HA HA!
Happy Holidays!!

BethieJ said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS EM to you and your sweet family!!

erin said...

hi em!
hope you had a very merry xmas!
and that i will see you at a crop sometime in 09!!!
take care!