Sunday, December 28, 2008

Please keep in your prayers

A very close friend has lost her husband. Michelle is an amazing woman and through all everything she has been going through, she has been such an inspiration. Her message is simple...Love your family, life is too short, you never know what will happen.

Marshall, you will be greatly missed. You fought a tough war and won many battles. Please keep Michelle, Angel, Daniel, and all her family in your thoughts and prayers.


erin said...

we'll always have them in our prayers. they are an amazing family.
loving Him and you,

BethieJ said...

Em I just went to your friends site.. that was heartbreaking~ I will keep them all in my prayrs!

I was gonna come say THANKS for the note on facebook and my blog, and in that time I was visiting your friends blog I see you have new layouts! So I will go see them now! Who needs to clean! :)