Saturday, February 14, 2009

Travel Mini Book

Happy day after Valentines! I hope you all had a great day filled with love with your family and friends. Today we planned to go to Great Mall, but we were first side-tracked by the beautiful snow on Mount Hamilton. We tried to go up there, but they closed the road. It was such a long windy road, Jassy, Jordan and I got car sick. Jordan fell asleep, so he didn't feel it so much. Jasmin was crying on the way down the mountain and me...I still feel a bit sick! After our {non}adventure at Mount Hamilton, we finally made it to Great Mall. Jordan has had a growth spurt and lots of his clothes do not fit him as well so we got him a bunch of clothes and 2 pairs of shoes. Lucky fella! Got home, took a nap with baby Joey, had dinner, then finished the night with Karaoke...haha! Actually, my night has only begun now that I have peace and quiet in the scrap room, although I"m still feeling

Tomorrow I'm going to the LSS for a big crop. Bay Area Scrappers is having a fundraising crop for the American Heart Association in memory of Michelle's husband, Marshall. I'm looking through pictures figuring out which ones to scrap and came across this mini album, I think it's an it's not exactly mini...LOL! I gave it to Ate Monette and her family so they can remember their time spent here with us. Here are a few of the pages...very simple!

I kept the journaling parts blank so they can write their own feelings and memories. They were here for 6 weeks!! What a great vacation! I can't wait to see them again..hopefully soon. Next year we are planning to have a big family reunion in the Philippines. All the folks from our Holy Land trip will be joining us. I hope it works out, I haven't been home since 1994 and I miss my family so much.

Tomorrow I'll be getting my scrap ON!...well, only for a few hours. Jordan has a basketball playoff game in the evening at Moreau! Man, I haven't been back there since I graduated...I bet that place looks different, too! There will only be 6 of them so they will be very tired! They are currently in second place and will be playing for a spot in the CYO tournament. Please keep the team in your thoughts and wish them good luck!

Take care everyone


Anonymous said...

hi em!
sorry to hear about your non snow adventure today! that is me in the car, a big sicko!!! we only go to the snow once a year, mommy cannot hang. LOL.
can't wait to see you tomorrow!
emi also plays bball, they seem so alike.

Mia Castrillo said...

Such a thoughtful gift! I'm sure it is well appreciated. :D

Diana said...

Love this album! Great job Em! :)

Krista Lund said...

hi em! i am so happy we got to hang a bit today. when is our next crop?? loved seeing you!!

Anonymous said...

Girl, I love your travel mini! It rocks!!!

BethieJ said...

Oh Em.. I LOVE the album you made.. what a kind thoughtful gift!! and a trip to the Philippines how EXCITING!
hope all is well with you and your SWEET family!!!

Melanie Stanczyk said...

Hi Em!

I came to your blog and got side tracked by the live feed widgit, I had to add one to my blog.

I'm jealous of your beach layouts-they rock! and looks like a ton of fun.

Hope you are feeling better. How did you crop go? Get anything done?

Michelle said...

Em it amazes me how much scrapping you get done!!i am an awe of you!
fabolous pages girl totally HOT!
love your blog banner adorable picture!
btw you have been tagged check out my blog for the details!its an easyone!

terri k said...

I love the book! What a great gift!