Thursday, February 12, 2009

Solvang/Santa Barbara pt.3

Okay...promise, only 1 more post after this..LOL! And I won't even post all of the layouts..some are just too "thrown together." I'll just post the nicer ones for your viewing pleasure. I want to show you eye candy, not eye sores..LOL! At least I can say the trip is DONE! 24 -12x12 layouts all in 1 album. All in chrono order. All DONE! As a fellow scrappin' friend use to say...Stick a fork in it and call it DONE!
Here ya go....still focusing on Santa Barbara. We spent the whole day there so there were many photo ops :) Here is a layout of my dad. We went on this little getaway to celebrate my dad's bday. He is a 9/11 baby! Here he is on Stearn's Wharf.

After lunch at Shellfish Co. on Stearn's Wharf, we headed to Paseo Neuvo Mall. We didn't want to shop, so we headed toward the beach....duh, we JUST got back from there! It was a nice walk, but a little far. The kids did great and when we arrived at the beach, they completely forgot the walk..LOL!

Kids + water= fun, fun, fun! I don't know what draws the kids to the ocean. I bet they can be there for hours just jumping the waves, playing with the sand, skipping rocks. If it was a warm/hot day, they would be running in there!

After the beach, we headed back to Paseo Neuvo Mall. This time we took the city trolley. We got there a little earlier than the rest so it was photo shoot time..LOL! Dude, I'm telling ya, I'm going to have my hands full with that person in the blue tank top! Can't you just see the attitude!

Lastly, we went to the Courthouse. Sorry, I'm too lazy right now to post links...LOL. But in my previous posts, I do have links to these places in case you are interested :) And after the long walk to the Courthouse (we didn't realize it was so far!), we took the trolley back to the mall. Only to find our car would not start and we were stranded for a couple hours!

Did you make it this far?? I'm all done with Santa Barbara...woohoo! The last post will be about Solvang....done! Thanks for joining me as I relive our getaway. I'm totally missing Holy Land layouts, so I'll probably get to those soon. I have a few new layouts in progress from 2009! I decided to use a different size for the kids' album. You'll have to check it out next time....until then...get your scrap ON! :)

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erin said...

hi em!
wonderful job momma! wow- i'm just always in awe of how many you are able to get done!
i scrapped so much before cha, i've only made cards since. now, i've got to get my scrap on sunday!!! lots to do:)
can't wait to see you!