Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mount Carmel

I've gone back to scrap more Holy Land pictures. I think I have about 4 more days to go....YES!! It's so wonderful to relive these memories. It's so sweet to see the kids even just 2 years ago how small they were. I still can't believe we managed to take an 8, 4, and 1 year old half way across the world to 4 different countries for a very busy 15 days!! And to think this summer we will be taking a 10, 6, 3 year old to the Philippines for 5 weeks!! Wow, I'm getting so much anxiety just typing that out. It will be fun...but a little bit stressful at times I'm sure! I'm so thankful that we will once again be in a big group and I can't wait to see all our relative back in the PI. The last time I went back was 1994 and Heintje...1989!

Anyway, here are a few layouts from Mount Carmel. This layout was part of The Scrapping Spot's Scrap Your Stash challenge. It's a challenge I hosted using 20+ brads. We arrived a bit early for the gates to open, so we just sat around and rested a few mintues. I so much love this photo of Jasmin and Heintje. Very rarely will she let him hold her anymore..LOL. I plan to enlarge this and stick it in a frame or canvas. It's so beautiful!

We all gathered on the roof where we could see the vast land God promised the people of Israel. While on the roof, we heard and saw fighter planes! It was kinda scary, esp. for the kids. This is another challenge layout, using 5+ ribbons.

Finally, the kids hanging out while Kuya Greg led us all in prayer. Jordan had his own little prayer group going on..LOL. OMG, look how tiny Joey was :( Gosh, these past few years just went by tooooo fast :(

Next stop will be Caesarea....thank so much for passing by!!

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