Monday, March 8, 2010

October THAW @ Willow Traders

Oh my word!! These layouts have been sitting in "draft" mode since October! I've been meaning to post, but just kept forgetting...gosh, story of my life lately! Back in October Willow Traders had a bunch of challenges. It was called, THAW: THree A Week. Meaning 3 challenges were posted during the week. I did get a few done, but happens! Here are the few I did get done.

This challenge was to scrap colors of your favorite dessert. Can you guess what mine was?? Choco covered strawberries!! YUM! This picture was taken for a challenge back in March. It was sponsored by the kit club: A Kiss on the Chic. Hence the spelling of the title. OMG, I said, HENCE..LOL.

This challenge was to scrap something sweet?? Candy?? Halloween 2008, Joey was such a FAN of lollipops!! He gave everything up and only wanted those..LOL.

I can't really remember this challenge, maybe to use different fonts for a title? I can't believe how alike these two are!

Finally...just in time for St. Patrick's Day! This challenge was to use 12 of something. I used 12 PP and 12 brads. We saw this fella at Pier 39 and you KNOW Heintje just had to take a picture with him!!

Well, I've got more layouts for you. I've been a scrapping maniac!! I have a couple more in "draft" mode. I have about 5 more that I need to scan...and I'm expecting the APRIL Color Me Miki kit today....woohoo!! GET MY SCRAP ON!! I love it!

Thanks so much for passing by!! Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!!

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Diana said...

what great prompts for you layouts! I love when I have inspiration to kick me in the tail! :) FANTASTIC job Em!