Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Happy Mommy DAY!!

This is a bit belated, but I wanted to wish you all a....

Yes, I still call my mom...Mommy! I love her so much and am so thankful for all she does for me and our family....always!

Here are some cards I created for Mother's Day. One was sent to my Mother-In-Law and the other was for my mom. For the circle card, I used one of the die cuts that came in the kit. I mounted it on a 6x6 card made from the cardstock in the kit. Then I trimmed around the die cut, making sure to leave a length of fold at the top. I used scraps for the card and some misc. embellies from past kits. Flowers, stickles, and ink from my stash.

And some layouts..... OMG, this kid is so cute! He really is the heartbreaker in the family. Maybe it's because he's the baby, but I love how sweet he is (but only to me!) He'll just come up to me with hugs, kisses, and lots of love! But he sure is the most mischievous one for sure! The light blue background with journaling is from the die cuts packaging.

Have you gotten into the banner craze yet? I did with this kit and I need MORE! Different things going on in this layout. The frame that goes over the photo, all the circular action, and I cut out "springtime" from the background paper to give some depth. Other than that, pretty simple, just a bunch of papers and stickers...

Final layout for today....Jasmin and Sami. They've been friends since Jasmin was born. Sami is a year older than Jasmin, but I love how close they are. Sami rode with us during the car ride to SF. They seriously chatted the WHOLE time! It was really cute, esp since they only see each other a couple times a year since she lives in LA.

This is all for now. I've got one more post using the Color Me Miki May kit. Guess what....soon I'll have in my hands the June kit!! I can't wait to get started.
Oh, in other news...about 1 more month to go before our huge mega Philippines vacation! I can't believe it's almost time. I've been going super speed mode in scrapping Holy Land pictures...LOL. I'm ALMOST done!! I've got 1 more tourist day and the last pictures at the airport. I won't scan all of them, but I do have a few favorites. I'll share those with you soon..
Thanks so much for visiting, TAKE CARE :)

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Diana said...

Happy mother's day to you! :) LOVE your layouts--and your trip is only a month away?! Crazy!