Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Challenges GALORE!!!

Looking for a challenge? There are a bunch out there and here are a couple to get your creativity flowing!! Hope you guys can join in!!

ScrappersXchange hosts weekly challenges. Due to a mix up, this week was posted late, sorry!
The challenge is due March 30....hurry, quick, get your scrap ON! :)

Here is the sketch and example.
I can't believe how Jordan and Joey are looking more and more alike!!

Here is another challenge being hosted by Homegrown Scrapbooks. It's a Stash Buster Challenge! LOL..LOVE that name! I help monitor the Color Challenge. Basically you are challenged to use certain colors every week. They are posted on Mondays. On Fridays, the Stash challenge is posted--you get points if you used certain products/mfg. LOADS of fun!!

This was for the week of March 17. It's already done, but I thought I'd post anyway.
Here is the sketch and example.

Both layouts are pictures from our recent trip to LA. We roamed around Universal City Walk after the Baptism. I love my parents!

And this challenge is still going on...come join the fun!!
Here are the sketches and examples for the week of March 24.

I love Jasmin's first ever school picture. Doesn't she look so pretty! *sigh*, she is growing up so quickly!!

Yippee..another Holy Land layout :) Here is my silly family! That desert heat can really get to you!! I LOVE that we met family from the Philippines, too!

Hope you guys try out some of the RAKS are to be won :)

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