Monday, August 18, 2008

Willow Traders, Scrapvivor Challenge #4

I know this is so old already, but I haven't posted these layouts yet. It was such a busy summer, I hardly got a chance on here, so I'll be bombarding you guys with layouts for the next few weeks!! Hope you don't mind :)

Here we go....Challenge 4 was to use some sort of metal-book plates, clips, even brads! I totally loved this challenge and it helped me use up some stash, big time!! For this challenge, I was able to complete 15 layouts!! YIPPEE!! Only 14 are shown here, the other one is down below, using Scrapbook Circle's June kit :)

Here we are back in Egypt. We stayed at the Zoser Hotel. It was totally not to our liking, but with such a big group, it was not easy to switch hotels. At least our guide helped us to another room, a bit more clean, but still.....YUCK! LOL! If it was just us adults I wouldn't mind so much, but with the kids touching everything and all over the floor, I was just really paranoid.

Day 2 was spent at Sakkara. The first step pyramids in Egypt.

This cool statue next to the blue arrow is seen through a little peep hole. This is not the original (the original is at the Cairo Museum), but it showed us what it looked like. Jordan took the picture and I was getting upset with him for taking so long and holding up the line, but I'm glad he did it. GREAT job, Jordan!

After Sakkara and the carpet school (didn't take pictures there), we went to Memphis. There were a bunch of statues by Ramsis II.
That night we went on a Nile Dinner Cruise. We were not satified with this either! The whole thing seemed a bit shady. Our dinner was cut short. We had to switch boats. Then to top it off, during the middle of our trip, there was a police boat that came up to the side of our boat and took something off the ship! WIERD!

But it was fun being with the cousins!

And now for some NON-Holy Land pictures...LOL!

Thanks for peeking!!


Diana said...

Em! These layouts are so AWESOME!! Great job on using up some of your stash!

BethieJ said...

EM!! I LOVE them all! YEAH for you 15 layouts using stash.. your my HERO!!!
Hope all is well with you and your SWEET family!! You come by ANYTIME I will make whatever you want! :)
Have a GREAT day!

marking said...

Wow Em, So much inspiration in these LOs. You're so productive.

Have been checking out the happenings at PMP, wish I could join the classes there.