Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy 2009 New Year everyone!!

Man, I've totally neglected the poor blog. I wanted to show you our Christmas card this year, but it's at home and I'm at work. I know I won't get to it when I get home, so...it will just have to be posted when I remember, even when it's in the middle of June or something..LOL! Sorry!

Anyway, I have lots and lots of layouts to share with you. I've gotten some mojo back, I've been a scrapping MACHINE! and I love it! I've been totally trying to use up lots of stuff I've had sitting around. Packages of embellies that have been partially used, alpha stickers, even scraps of PP. I use a whole sheet as a background, then I dig into my scrap bin for anything else. And the best part...I haven't scrap shopped in a long long time!! Heintje, did you read that...I haven't scrapped shopped :) ** but that doesn't rule out my Walgreens addiction! **

Now..on to the layouts! You can click on the images to make them larger :)

It's been a while since I've worked on the Holy Land trip. I was really hoping to have them all done in 2008..oh well..hopefully this year. I'm caught up with the Sea of Galilee, next I'll be working on our Baptism in the Jordan River.

From a continuation from this post, I have 1 extra Mount of Beautitudes layout. Hee-hee..one of the bottom photos is Kuya Greg using Kuya as an example how he will perform the baptism on the Jordan River. I think Kuya was a little surprised at the "dip"..LOL!

Now, here are a bunch of layouts on the Sea of Galilee. We went to the Yigal Allon Museum which housed an ancient boat similar to one Jesus would have sailed on.

The Sea of Galilee is really a peaceful place to be. There was one point when a bunch of birds were resting on the water. As we sailed by, they all flew away together. It was such a beautiful sight. You can really feel the presence of Jesus around us.

The sailor guides put up a Filipino flag, it was really cool! They also played songs and our group danced traditional Jewish dances. I regret not participating, it would have been fun!

Before or after (I can't remember now), Kuya Greg gave his daily sermons, Jordan told the story about the Zacchaus and the Sycamore Tree. I breifly mentioned it in this post when I showed the layout with the Sycamore Tree. GREAT job, Jordan!! I'm so proud of you for not only knowing the story, but remembering and being able to share with us. They say you fully don't understand something unless you can explain it to others. And we were so blessed that he shared the story with all of us!!

Heintje and I being all cheesy...just like Titanic..LOL! Dorks!

Finally, here is our super cute sailor dude. The sweater he was wearing was perfect! We should have put on Kuya's hat. He would have really looked like a lil' sailor dude. He was just having the best time. Looking at the birds, the water, running around all over the boat, and eating Ate Helen's crackers..imported straight from the Philippines!

Hope you enjoyed the first post of the year. I have a bunch more layouts to share in the next few days. I don't want to overload you, so.....that's all for now folks! Thanks for passing by!


BethieJ said...

Oh Em! I LOVE to see your layouts! and that trip it never ceases to AMAZE me when I see the LOs you do! What an AMAZING time you must have all had!!
Hope all is well! Happy New Year to your sweet family!! and you reminded me I NEVER shared my Xmas card photo at my blog either! LOL!!!
Happy New Year!!!

erin said...

happy new year, or very new year em!!!
you sure have been a scrappin machine! you go girl!
wow- i LOVE your work you know that, but these esp the one of joey is my fave!!!
please come crop with me sometime soon!

April said...

It looks like you had a great time on your trip, what an inspiration it must have been to be there. Your LOs (as usual) are awesome and I can't wait to see more.

Diana said...

Awesome Emelyn! These are great! And how fun to create pages from such an AMAZING trip! Happy New Year!!

kat said...

Awesome layouts as always Em~! I have made the same goal for myself, to use more of my scrap stash and buy less. I belong to one scrap kit club and I will just keep that one for now and of course buy my adhesive.